Our exhibition "Revolution & Consumption - the Desires of a Generation" tells entertaining and serious stories about the Begrüßungsgeld (welcome money) and sheds a light on the relation between East and West - a light which is still important today. Enjoy our visual stories!

»I didn't know what this "West" was.«more

Daniel K., 36 years

»At every green light the engine misfired and created a small explosion.«more

Karla und Volker, M., 80 years

»We went to Woolworth, I bought my first piece of gold jewellery there.«more

Ute, 61 years

»It remains connected to that feeling I had at the sight of those biscuits offered to me.«more

Petra W.-M., 64 years

»The welcome money went toward our first trip to Tuscany.«more

Kathrin S., 52 years

»It felt as though everyone in the audience was from the East.«more

Peter Auge L., 55 years

»I got goose bumps when I heard that the wall in Berlin had fallen.«more

Elke D., 79 years

»All at once electrical appliances were no longer unattainable.«more

Katrin F., 54 years

»Would you mind if I invited you to dinner?«more

Inge-Dore and Karl-Heinz P., 65 years

»I still have it all to this day - even the hair gel.«more

Tom S., 50 years