Daniel K.
36 Jahre

I was seven years old when the Berlin Wall opened in 1989. I only realised there were two Germanys when I saw commercials on TV, like those for the new action figures from He-Man. When I asked my father to buy me one he explained that they were only available “in the West”. I didn’t know what this “West” was but I imagined it was cool. Not long after that we had a chance to travel to West Berlin. I remember we went “over” at the border crossing in Bernauer Strasse. We first took the cool yellow U-bahn (subway) to a bank where there were many people who, like us, wanted to get their 100 D-Mark. Once we had the money we walked along Brunnen Strasse and into the nearest shop. It was a Woolworth. I had never heard of it and still cannot pronounce the name. Among other things, I clearly remember I just had to have this big colourful cup, which obviously had something inside it. My mother didn’t want to buy it for me because according to her it was not yet Easter. She thought the colourful Smarties pictured on the mug were brightly painted Easter eggs! But I’ve always had a knack of getting my way, so in the end I convinced my mom and got that cup of Smarties with my welcome money. I ate the Smarties, but I still have the cup to this day. It always reminds me of that fall in 1989 that I actually only recollect with the fragmented memory of a seven year old boy.